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Underwriting Surveys

Commercial Lines Surveys

Our field staff are equipped with Best's Loss Control and Underwriting Manuals, the Basic Manual of Liability Insurance and the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.

Our staff are provided with periodic training seminars and always present a pleasant and polite professional image. Our field staff live throughout the territory served, providing outstanding time service. We strive to maintain a completion schedule of 30 days following receipt of the survey request. Rush requests are normally handled at no extra charge.

Our standard report format is a fully automated document. Digital photography is used extensively. The narrative sections are incorporated within the check-off form itself. The end product is a readable, comprehensive report. It is completely typed with no handwritten areas. Our system is totally flexible and can be modified to meet any special requirements you may have.

Personal Lines Surveys

As with Commercial Lines surveys, our field staff live throughout the area served.

We have a full set of Personal Lines survey forms including wood stove and electrical/heating supplements. Company forms are used on request.


On Commercial Lines reports, we utilize the Marshall and Swift/Boeckh's BVS commercial software to generate replacement costs. On Personal Lines survey work, we utilize Residential Component Technology (RCT) on standard properties and Advantek for high value homes, also by Marshall Swift/Boeckh.

Special company replacement cost methods are used when requested.

Replacement cost is added as a supplement to the basic report upon request.