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March 2017

NEIS, Inc. initiates SSAE SOC1, Type 2 designation.

Due to increased data security requirements, NEIS decided to have its already state-of-the-art data security systems evaluated and certified by a third party.

May 2017

NEIS, Inc. purchases McGuffey and Associates, LLC.

This purchase allowed for deeper penetration into the Deep South by adding five states and giving access to clients never had before.

June 2017

NEIS, Inc. starts moving to cloud-based hosting.

To further mitigate risk, NEIS made a decision to move from hosting its servers onsite to a cloud-based organization which provides constant monitoring of viruses and other threats, and also robust protection against data hacks.

May 2018

NEIS purchases new building

To accommodate unprecedented growth in the phone/internet audit product lines, NEIS acquired additional space for its call center.

November 2018

NEIS receives SOC 1 Type 1 designation; passes with zero exceptions.

Because of a long-term, unrelenting commitment to quality and data security, NEIS was certified with no exceptions.

July 2019

Further data security enhancements

As added security and for a more efficient workflow, NEIS contracts with a third party that provides online backup for all field machines and mission critical office machines. It also allows IT to gain access to these machines and shut them down, making them useless in the event of a personnel issue. With the addition of online backup, if a field machine fails, a new machine in the office has the field reps data downloaded and the machine is overnighted that night. Field rep downtime is a maximum of 24 hours.

October 2019

NEIS receives second SOC 1 designation, Type 2; passes with zero exceptions.

The assessment confirms that the control objectives used by NEIS are suitably designed for the business process of services we provide. The assessment is part of our commitment to recognize information security needs and maintain a consistent approach to safeguard information throughout NEIS, Inc.

December 2019

NEIS, Inc. acquires Langer and Associates

The highly experienced staff of Langer and Associates adds to the existing 28-state coverage area for physical audits and loss control services of NEIS. With the acquisition, NEIS adds additional physical audit and loss control staff within the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Furthermore, NEIS adds representation to its national telephone/hybrid and voluntary staff as well as additional exceptional qualified review staff.

December 2019

Creation of new VP of Physical Audit position

In anticipation of significant growth, NEIS creates the position of Vice President of Physical Audit. This position is held by David Harris who has 35 years’ experience in the vendor environment in many different capacities.

January 2020

NEIS is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2020

Founded in 1945 by Delmont Wemple, NEIS, Inc. has grown from a small local vendor to large regional vendor servicing over half the country run now by Del's son, Matthew Wemple.

NEIS has a long history of putting our customers first to provide the services they need. We are proud of the long-term relationships we've established with many of our clients, some dating back to the earlier days of the company. Many NEIS, Inc. employees have been with us for more than twenty plus years. Longevity, reliability and quality are part of the NEIS, Inc. standard and it is why we have been in business for the last 75 years.

February 2020

Creation of new position of Director, Quality and Training

Again, in anticipation of significant growth, NEIS creates position of Director, Quality and Training. This position is held by Kevin Kramer who has 35 years of experience, both in a carrier and vendor environment in this exact role.

March 2020

Mandate issued to close office and perform all work remotely.

Due to previously developed disaster and pandemic policies, the entire workforce successfully made the transition to remote work in two weeks with no deterioration in service.

December 2020

NEIS, Inc. receives third SOC 1 audit (Type 2); passes with zero exceptions.

Again, there were no exceptions.

February 2021

NEIS, Inc. decides to migrate to LC360 for all Loss Control.

This is a “Best in Class” product that will facilitate future growth and new product lines. It will be in full production by late 2021.

May 2021

Gradual transition back to physical audits begins

Carriers started selectively allowing physical audits again. All field reps are provided with PPE. If insureds are uncomfortable with a physical audit, the audit is converted back to a Remote Physical Audit.

July 2021

Currently rapidly moving back into field for physical audits in all states.

The Remote Physical Audit product remains as a tool when necessary.

July 2021

Major expansion plans

NEIS, Inc. makes a decision to actively acquire high quality Premium Audit and Loss Control companies to expand its territory base and acquire new clients throughout the country. If interested, please contact Matt Wemple at 203-649-1050 or

Partner with us for premium audit and loss control services.