Providing premium audit services to the insurance industry since 1945.

NEIS is a leader in meeting time service requirements and maintaining a high standard of quality. We operate as a team of highly-experienced professionals, all employees, to ensure the highest level of accountability. From physical audits to comprehensive service for telephone, internet-hosted voluntary and verified-hybrid audits, we are the single source for all your premium audit needs.

Physical Audits

With premium audit representative employees in 28 states and nationwide coverage capability through partner service companies, we can provide service for all your physical audits.

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Remote Physical Audits

National coverage for audits conducted remotely.  This provides an efficient way to deliver physical audit complexity without a physical visit. Records are uploaded and information is obtained by phone. 

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Phone & Web-Based Audits

NEIS can meet any requirement in all 50 states for verified phone and Internet-based voluntary audits. 

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