Phone & Web-Based Audits

NEIS can meet any requirement in all 50 states for verified phone and web-based voluntary audits using best-in-class technology.

Our staff uses accepted standard audit procedures to provide cost-effective reports structured to your specific needs.





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Phone & Web Based Audits

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Voluntary Audit

Documentation sent or received via the secure portal, mail or fax. Limited to a defined number of attempts and an optional escalation procedure available.


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Web-based Voluntary Audit

Web-based Voluntary audits use an online secure portal which directs the Policyholder through the audit process. An optional escalation procedure is available.


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Telephone Audit

Limited in complexity and size. Information is obtained via secure portal, mail or fax and verified over the phone.



Verified Telephone Audit

Intermediate complexity. Information is obtained via secure portal, mail or fax. Verification documentation required with an exit interview to review.  



Our phone and web-based audit suite of products provide various cost-effective alternatives customizable to fit your needs. Our experienced audit staff can provide the necessary details at a more affordable price point.