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NEIS' focus on premium audit and loss control services, an organization of professionals and leading edge technology, has made it a service company of choice in the insurance industry.

We have been providing premium audit and loss control services to the insurance industry since 1945.

Now providing employee representatives in 28 states, with nationwide coverage capability.

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Our experienced, employee professionals provide the very best in customer service.

Premium Audit

NEIS is a leader in meeting time service requirements and maintaining a high standard of quality. We operate as a team of highly-experienced professionals, all employees, to ensure the highest level of accountability. From physical audits to comprehensive service for telephone, internet-hosted voluntary and verified-hybrid audits, we are the single source for all your premium audit needs.

Physical Audits

With premium audit representative employees in 28 states and nationwide coverage capability through partner service companies, we can provide service for all your physical audits. Our staff of professionals has the knowledge and experience to carry out audits for all commercial lines and specialty program markets.

  • Employee representatives in 28 states
  • Experience you need to get the job done
  • Time service and quality you expect

Audit Call Center

We can meet any requirement in all 50 states for verified phone and Internet-based voluntary audits. Our staff uses best-in-class technology and accepted standard audit procedures to provide cost-effective reports structured to your specifications.

  • Cost effective solution for the lower threshold of policy premiums
  • Leading edge technology to manage a large volume of audits
  • Trained, professional Audit Call Center staff

Verified/Hybrid Audits

Our Verified/Hybrid audit is a cost effective alternative to a physical audit. All required records can be reviewed and verified remotely. Telephone interviews are conducted to obtain all pertinent information. Our experienced audit staff can provide the detail of a physical audit at a more affordable cost.

  • An option for controlling cost
  • Detailed audit reports
  • Experienced employee premium audit representatives

Commercial and residential inspections and surveys, designed for specific needs. Comprehensive reporting for effective risk management.

Loss Prevention

NEIS Loss Control can support all commercial and residential inspection and survey requests. Our reports can be developed to custom program requirements. Our experienced loss control representatives can provide detailed, comprehensive reports to guide you through your underwriting and risk management decisions.

NEIS Loss Control Services include:

Commercial Surveys

  • Job site surveys for contractors and CGL coverage
  • Phone surveys offered as a cost effective alternative to site surveys
  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Fleet
  • Garage
  • Liquor Liability
  • Supplements can be provided for commercial kitchens, daycare, woodstoves, tanning, swimming pool, etc.
  • Valuation reports - ITV and ACV

Residential Surveys

  • Standard Value Dwelling Surveys, Interior and Exterior
  • High Value Dwelling Surveys
  • Photo only reports
  • ITV, ACV and High Value valuation reports

Our systems promote efficiency and ease of use. We offer customized data interfaces using any format.


We understand how important it is to connect with our customers for fast, reliable service. All NEIS' services are provided through systems specifically designed to support premium audit and loss control services for the insurance industry. Their superior design allows a fully-integrated approach to provide timely and cost-effective solutions for all your needs. We also offer customized Web Services for automated upload and download transmission of data.

Customized Solutions to Meet All Your Needs

  • Data interfaces developed for requesting new work and returning completed audits and inspections using any format including Access, XML, Excel, or text files.
  • Completed work returned using any method from secure email to a completely automated customer feed.
  • Invoices with custom formats and time periods.

System Key Features

  • Secure and reliable handling of data.
  • Customer portal to view inventory, track status, view or print completed work.
  • Capacity for high volume upload/download workflow.

All systems and features described above are a product of NEIS, Inc., Nexus Insurance Solutions, Inc. and Visual Software, Inc.

Partner with us for premium audit and loss control services.